Ashesh & Nekhvam



  • Established: 1994 A.D.
  • Instruments: Acoustic and Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar/Drums
  • Style of music: Blues, Rock & Eastern Fusion
  • Debut Album: Free Spirit
  • Second Album: Free spirit II
  • Third Album: New Spirit
  • Fourth Album: Bachna Deu
  • Fifth Album: Life to live on

Ashesh and Nekhvam (As written by Nandita Rana)

Ashesh and Nekhvam also known as the "Blues Brothers", Ashesh and Nekhvam is a historic band which was an initiation of Ashesh Dangol, the Himalayan Hendrix, and Sibesh Dangol, both of them being utterly devoted to their genre of music, Blues/Rock. Nekhvam was formed back in year 1994 A.D. and has come non-stop till today. The band id trio consisting of:

Current Line 

Line-ups ( 1994 to 2004)

  • Ashesh Dangol : Guitar/Vocal.
  • Sibesh Dangol : Bass Guitar.
  • Kiran Dongol : Drums.


Till 2006

  • Ashesh Dangol :Guitar/Vocal
  • Sibesh Dangol : Bass Guitar
  • Binaya Shrestha : Drums

Till 2010

  • Ashesh Dangol :Guitar/Vocal
  • Pujan Shrestha : Bass Guitar
  • Rajiv Tuladhar : Drums

Till 2012

  • Ashesh Dangol :Guitar/Vocal
  • Suraj Lama : Bass Guitar
  • Rajiv Tuladhar : Drums

Ashesh and Nekhvam has been highly credited for its mastery of music in the Blues front. So far Ashesh and Nekhvam has released their first debut album, "Free Spirit" in the year 2004 A.D. With Kiran Dongol on Drums. The first track, a musical, titled "In Search Towards Freedom" is highly popular and best recognized for its fusion of classical music with their signature Blues, Rock , Ashesh and Nekhvam has already performed in lots of events and venues including their first solo Blues concert, "The Blue Note" organized by Wave magazine, 'Music Behind The Canvas' organized by Ashesh and Nekhvam themselves .'Acoustica' jointly organized by Our Nepal and Ktm Rocks. For the promotion of Blues music along with the indicative to help the society. Ashesh and Nekhvam organized the first Blues festival titled ''Katmandu Blues 2006'' .With its success Ashesh and Nekhvam took again the initiative to help the education for poor children by Organizing ''Blues for A Cause with Nekhvam'' on 2007.After its big success in Katmandu.Ashesh and Nekhvam toured in Spain and Participated in International music Festival In Spain,Almeria Titled ''Alamar 2007'' .With the great performance in Alamar 2007 at Rambla theatre.Ashesh and Nekhvam was invited in Clasi Jazz Club in Almeria, Spain where they gave once again their best performance. Ashesh and Nekhvam has released their second album titled "Free Spirit II"in december 2009. Currently Ashesh and Nekhvam Plays in the pubs and bars of Thamel. Including Dome, Everest Irish Pub and Bottles and Chimney.

Ashesh and Nekhvam is the band totally devoted to Blues which is promoting it in every front as the possibly can. Therefore, Ashesh and Nekhvam runs "Nekhvam Rendezvous" - the house of art, for the very cause. The house of art has also been able to produce many other young musicians including "Violent Roses" the winner band of Close-up inter college music concert, 2003, the band Jocose, Resonance and so on.

All in all Ashesh and Nekhvam has been a long struggle as well as a notable success in the front of Blues in Nepal. Therefore, the blues note from Ashesh and Nekhvam indeed stirs a spirit of undying Blues.


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